5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Capital

A full-time job can be very rewarding, but it can never give the satisfaction that comes with working for self. To be an entrepreneur is a dream of many, but they often get demotivated to start their own venture owing to the lack of funds. There are ample of businesses that you can start with a small capital. For many such people today, the best business to start with little money is something to do online.

Best Business to Start With Little Money

Here are a few business ideas that you can start with little capital.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This is the best business to start with little money. All you require is a computer and a good internet connection and some money will be required for marketing and advertising to drive traffic. For affiliate marketing, you first pick a profitable niche and then find an affiliate partner who sells products in that niche. You can then offer those products for sale on your website or blog. The product you are offering contains a unique link that links to your account at the partner’s end. Your only task is to handle the marketing and drive traffic to your partner’s page through social media, blogging, email marketing etc. and when a sale happens you receive the commission, which can be anywhere between 5-25 percent.
  2. Kennel Service: People love to keep pets in cities, but they don’t have time to walk their dogs. Also, on a long weekend, they generally love to travel and look for a place where they can leave their dog. If you love hanging out with dogs, you can start with a dog walking service. You can also offer to keep the dogs temporarily when the owners need to go out of station. It is a nice revenue earning business without requiring any big capital to start. Since pet owners in neighbourhoods often know each other, if you offer good service, networking is quick and easy.
  3. Counsellor: If you have a calm demeanour, good listening skills and can empathise with people, become a business or a life counsellor. You don’t need to invest much other than spending a little on marketing.
  4. College Advisor: Often children and their parents have a tough time while applying for a good college every year. You can become a college application advisor helping them explore the various options based on their requirements. You need to be ready with the list of colleges and pre-requisites for admission there. You should be able to guide the students right from narrowing down their options to applying.
  5. Online Tutor: If you are good at teaching a particular subject, create your own online tutoring business. You can earn sitting at home and have the option of working flexible hours.

You will find many best business to start with little money as there is no dearth of ideas. All you require is the zeal to be an entrepreneur.

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