Dry Skin Care: 6 Tips to Relieve Dry Skin Fast

Having dry, flaky, and itchy skin, you might want to get fast relief. Easing the dry skin is not just about what you put on it, but it also depends on the way you clean your skin, the air around you (allergens can be carried via air), and even the clothes you wear can cause dry or itchy skin. If this seems to be a constant problem, we have 6 tips to overcome dry and itchy skin (mengatasi kulit wajah kering & kusam).

1. Warm Yes, Hot No

A steamy shower would feel good and soothing for the body, but the hot water is not a good idea if you have dry skin, according to dermatologists. The reason why is that, hot showers can strip your body from its natural oil barrier and your skin needs that barrier to help trap the moisture within and keeping your skin moist and smooth.

Skin care recommendation os to have short warm showers or baths that do not last longer than 5-10 minutes. As soon as you are done, apply moisturizers or lotion on your body in order to overcome dry and itchy skin (mengatasi kulit wajah kering & kusam)

2. Cleanse Gently

Use gentle soaps that are fragrance-free because they are mild on the skin. You can also wash with a soapless cleanser when you shower. A little secret to share – products with deodorant or antibacterial additives can be harsh on the skin!

Consider also a cleanser with ceramides – these are fat molecules that make up the outer barrier of your skin. It helps the skin hold the moisture that your skin needs. Some skin care products contain synthetic ceramides to replace those we lose as we age.

Go easy on your skin with the use of toners, peels, and astringents since they are made of alcohol and can cause drying on the skin. As you exfoliate, do not scrub too hard as it can irritate and thicken the skin.

3. Shave Smartly

Did you know that shaving can irritate any dry skin? In shaving unwanted hair, you also scrape off the skin’s natural oils. The best time to shave is actually after you shower according to the American Academy of Dermatology. The hairs become softer and more pliable after bathing and making shaving easier.

4. Cover Up

One of the main causes of dry skin is due to sun damage. Protect your skin by wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every time and wear the right clothes. Even in cool weather, keep applying sunscreen.

If you have chapped lips, prevent it from getting dry by applying lip balm with an SPF 15 sunscreen.

5. Follow the Rules of Moisturizing

Moisturizers are important to soothe dry skin. In fact, the Petroleum jelly makes a better moisturizer. You can also use coconut oil or mineral oil, whatever your favorite lotion or cream is, use that to protect your skin.

If you prefer very rich moisturizers, then try to look for those containing shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid, or glycerin, according to dermatologists. These helps replenish your skin barriers.

So whatever product you choose to apply on your skin, make sure to consistently apply it and make it as a daily routine.

6. Humidify in Winter

You might think your skin is protected inside your home or office, or just because you are in a cold, dry air, this can cause dry irritated skin.

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